Thomas Mendoza

Thomas Mendoza

(831) 435-8518

As a third generation realtor and a life-long entrepreneur, it only makes sense that Thomas loves working in an industry where you do a little bit of everything. In fact, he held his first open house with his family when he was just 11 years old. A graduate with a bachelor's degree from the University of Santa Cruz, focus in Bio Chemistry, and a minor in Computer Science, he also received an associates degree in Horticulture. The one thing Thomas knew was important to him, was helping people. The path he was on had him in the lab, and not doing what he initially set out to do. Help people. Now, Thomas uses a blend of these skills and talents to help others find their place in the world. He is educated, passionate, knowledgeable, and precise; and loves working in Real Estate. One other big love is nature, especially the mountains and ocean. He has always taken great care and stewardship of the land and enjoys working with like minded people. Other hobbies he enjoys are surfing, paddling, and mountain biking.

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